Diana Stewart Gets Whipped and Toy Stuffed


Sexy Diana Stewart encounters her BDSM experience with toys and gets whipped.

The video starts with sexy Diana is naked with her body hanging in the air, her hands were cuffed at the rails of a cage.

She is trying to think of a way to free herself and the master comes into the room with a whip in his hand.

He starts to whip her sexy butt with the whip and she is moaning with pleasure.

The master pulls down the chain cuffs on the ceiling and tied them on Diana’s ankle, her body is now fully hanging.

He then puts on a mouth gag at Diana’s mouth and starts to tickle her butt and the side of her pussy.

The master takes out a vibrator and places it at Diana’s sexy clit. He slowly inserts the vibrator into the pussy and fuck her with it.

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Sexy Diana gets whipped and fucked by a sex toy

Diana Stewart BDSM experience with whips and vibrators